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Refund Policy

"With Credit We Don't Play!"

At Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty we are passionate about helping people repair bad credit. We do our best to assist Clients with their credit repair needs & we value customer satisfaction!

By law we cannot make any verbal or written promise, or guarantee of outcome, score increases, or timing of credit repair services.

However, Client’s may request a refund if they believe that Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty did not complete the obligations as defined in our Terms and Conditions, or the Client’s signed agreement.
Refund of up to 100% of total price may be possible to the Client only if all the below conditions exist:


  • If Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty DID NOT inform the Client and note in the Client agreement that credit repair can actually cause scores to drop.

  • Client has been current on all payments, without any NSF’s, and Client has completed all payments per the agreement.

  • Client must be current on all payments to Gazrbrand LLC, and Client shall have completed all payments per agreement.

  • Client must have followed all Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty directions based on the credit repair plan (Excessive time spent with clients in any form of communication, or personal meetings will count against the allocated time per plan, and obviously reduce time spent on actual credit repair, therefore client may not get optimal results).

  • On existing credit lines at time of signed agreement, and on any newly obtained credit, whether or not per Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty recommendation, Client always made at least the minimum payment due on time per industry suggestion (which was communicated with the Client.)

  • Client was never late and always paid minimum balance due on all existing trade lines, or new credit lines acquired during duration of Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty agreement.

  • Upon signing Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty agreement client strictly followed at least one of several suggested methods to improve or increase scores as noted in the credit repair plan.

To receive a 100% refund of total money paid to Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty, the Client shall request such refund in writing.
Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty shall review the request to confirm if Client complied with the terms of our Refund Policy which can take 7-10 business days after letter is received. Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty shall determine the final refund due and the decision shall be final.

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