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Money Back Guarantee Policy

"With Credit We Don't Play!"

The goal of credit repair is to remove questionable negative information from credit reports. This is not an exact science and there are cases in which we may be unsuccessful. Our clients are protected with our 90 day warranty. If you sign up for a monthly service with Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty and do not see any questionable items deleted from your credit in 90 days or your score haven’t increased by at least 50 points combined, you will be entitled to a full refund in monthly fees. This does not mean that your credit will be fixed completely during that period but you should see some of your questionable negative items deleted or an increase to your score in this period or your money back.
The Money back guarantee will be strictly subject to you complying with the following terms and conditions:

  • Eligibility for a refund does not start until day 90.. You must be an active participant in the program for 90 days. Cancellation or a missed payment during the initial 90 days of the program is a void of this guarantee.

  • That you do not create or cause any new derogatory trade lines to be added to your credit report after your participation in the applicable program begins.

  • You mail, fax or email Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty all correspondences relating in any way to your credit report within seven (“7”) days of receiving said correspondence.

  • You make all payments due and owing to Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty per this agreement in a timely manner.

  • You mail, fax or email to Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty proof of your identity such as a copy of driver’s license and copy of social security card within five (“5”) days of the effective date of this agreement.

  • You agree to give Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty ten (“10”) business days from the date you have requested a refund and we receive the letter to allow Gazrbrand Credit Repair & Realty adequate time to review your credit bureaus and audit your account to verify that no negative items have been removed from your account and to ascertain the reason for this occurring.

  • Refunds limited to payments made for 90 days of service only. (ex. If client is in service for 120+ days, with no change made to their history, they can request a refund, but that refund will be limited to 90 days of service).

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